The Soul Safari

Guest Post: Ster WSR RTC

I first got into graf when I was 11 years old in 1992 because my brother started writing with some local guys who absolutely annihilated my estate with colour pieces and dubs.

For the first few years I just tagged with markers and tried to do letters on paper. I then met a writer called Arms who then introduced me to Disko. These two writers were to become the most influential in my graffiti career and were heavily into tracksides and trains.

If I was to sum up what I learnt from them, it was dedication, organisation and the difference between hardcore real letters and slack letters (general powerful shapes and letter stances).

Over the next 6 years we got real busy in all elements of graffiti and racked up a few convictions for graffiti and other mischief. In all other areas of my life I was pretty unsuccessful but in graffiti we were quickly becoming well-respected in the UK and parts of Europe. This gave me a sense of pride and provided me with one place in my life that made me feel good by gaining recognition from other graffiti writers.

In 2001, because of a lot of life circumstances largely revolving round partying and drugs, I became fed up with the lifestyle I was in. To cut a really long story short I began going to a local church to try and find some peace in my life. I ended up finding the peace I wanted and gave my life to Jesus. From then on the fulfillment in my life I got from God and graffiti became less important as I no longer needed it to provide me with a sense of worth. Around this time, I had a 5 to 6 year period when I only painted about once a year for old times’ sake.

In 2007 I came across work from Revok, Aroe, MSK and the Heavy Artillery crew. The work of Aroe especially inspired me to get real busy again. The flow and technique of him and his crew I had not seen before. I have been painting solidly again since 2008 and my only regret is being slack for the 5-6 year period. There will be no more breaks now as this is who I am and I’m in this for life. I still remain a Christian and no longer paint anything illegal. Those who know, know I did my share but my life just ain’t about that anymore. My goal is to push my style as far as it can go but still maintaining the real hardcore look and feel of real graffiti.

Style will always win over technique, but the two together is what separates the men from the ‘toys’.


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